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Windsor Agro Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critical to Windsor Agro. We are committed to maintaining complete privacy, our clients’ personal and sensitive information. We strive to adhere to all the applicable rules and regulations on privacy protection and information security.

Windsor Agro Privacy Policy outlines our privacy with regards to the collection and use of your personal information through the website. Here, personal information refers to your domain name and email address, information about the web pages you are accessing, user specific information and survey responses that you share. We collect this information to provide you the best services and notify you about the site updates.

We follow industry best practices and ensure that your personal data is kept completely confidential. We process your sensitive information when you visit our website – in complete compliance with the legal and security provisions. This is how data protection becomes a part of our corporate privacy policy.

Cookies and information collected

Cookies are small text files placed on your devices which we collect to personalize your experience and improve service whenever you visit our website. Please note: You can configure cookies preferences on your device/web browser to either accept, block or delete cookies. If you choose to provide them, it will help us personalize user experience and provide you enhanced services.

Whenever you visit our website, we get the information you enter on the site and provide us while making a purchase. We further process and use this data to market products through different mediums like email marketing. We also carry out research on what interests you the most on our sire so that we can serve you in a better way.

We also collate and store information based on your interaction with us. This includes information transferred from your web browser. These are alphanumeric cookies that enable us to recognize you whenever you visit us. Cookies also allow us to see how you use our website, for example the pages you visit the most. However, it does not retain your billing information.


We follow the best practices to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. We take complete responsibility to protect your sensitive information and carry out internal reviews of our practices for information collection, storage and processing. Thus, we reserve the right to update or alter our security practices whenever required.

Copyright Policy

We have a copyright over our privacy policy and its use for commercial purpose is not allowed by any party. Its use for any purpose may lead to legal action.

Changes to Windsor Agro privacy policy

We may modify our privacy policy from time to time. So we recommend you to frequently review the Privacy Policy posted on the website.

In case of any clarifications pertaining to Windsor Agro privacy policy, you may please contact us at