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Are you looking to buy mould board plough for cultivation of soil? Windsor Agro is adept at manufacturing mounted M.B. plough for small tractors – helping you easily turn the upper layer of soil and bring the nutrients on the top layer, as well as bury the unwanted waste & grass in the ground. Our range of mounted MB plough makes it easier to plough soil even if the land if rooted or stony.

We have a highly skilled an experienced team of professionals who utilize the latest technology and tools to manufacture mounted mould board plough that fit the tractor aptly depending on their power. As MB plough manufacturers, we prepare each product with heavy-built construction with precise alignment of the plough, thereby improving its performance as well as durability. Furthermore, we can also customize the standard specifications to precisely cater to our client’s needs. Our range of mould board plough is available for 20-60 HP tractors.

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Technical Specifications:
Power Required (HP) 20-30 30-40 30-40 55-60
Tyne 25 mm thick 25 mm thick 36 mm Profile Cut single Piece 36 mm Profile Cut single Piece
Width 700 mm 700 mm 738 mm 738 mm
Length 1020 mm 1600 mm 1300 mm 1880 mm
Weight 112 Kg. (approx) 190 Kg. (approx) 235 Kg. (approx) 350 Kg. (approx)
Height 1020 mm 1020 mm 1066 mm 1066 mm
Width of cut 350 mm (max) 700 mm (max) 610 mm (max) 910 mm (max)
Depth of cut 250 mm (max) 250 mm (max) 350 mm (max) 350 mm (max)
Frame MS-Structural steel Drawbar
Rectangular-75x40x6 mm
MS-Structural steel Drawbar
Rectangular-75x40x6 mm
Box - 50 mm round
Box - 50 mm round
Mould Board 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Blade 10 mm (EN-42) 10 mm (EN-42) 10 mm 10 mm
3Point Linkage65x10 mm flat65x10 mm flat 65x16 mm flat - 31 mm Square 65x16 mm flat - 31 mm Square
Clamp Drawbar clamp U-type Drawbar clamp U-type 125X50 mm 125X50 mm
Shovel     40x25 mm Bar (EN-42 Forged) 40X25 mm Bar (EN-42 Forged)
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.