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Disc ridgers we produce are made of heavy duty box frame that is equipped with height quality boron steel disc blades, which have longer life than any other type of discs. Apart form standard configuration, clients have option to choose disc size as per their tractor capacity and soil conditions. Currently we are selling two standard Disc Ridgers, one is for single row having 2 discs and another is for double row that contains 4 discs. Users can adjust these ridgers easily as per their requirement of Depth, size and width..

Benefits and Features:

  • Our Disc ridgers can make a ridge of upto 1000mm of width by widen the discs mount.
  • To make double or single ridge, option of 4 bottom and 2 bottom ridgers available respectively.
  • Heavy duty frame that is coated with corrosion resistant and painted perfectly lasts longer and keep looks new for years.
  • Easy to adjust for different depth and size.
  • Boron steel and high carbon disc blades installed in standard models, also a variety of options available for disc size.
Technical Specifications:
Model No. of Discs Disc diameter (x) thickness Maximum width between ridges Working depth (mm) Frame's width (mm) Approx. weight (Kgs.) Required tractor power (HP)
MDR 1 2 660 X 6 1000 330 1840 195 35-40
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.