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Rigid Tiller As name described itself, it's the rigid form of land preparation tool. The main difference of spring loaded tiller and rigid tillers are springs. In this kind of tiller tynes are directly mounted and fixed on frame that doesn't allow movement of the tines in any direction. Rigid tiller suits for the land where hidden stones and roots are not problem, rigid tillers are even capable of breading up hard lands flawlessly. There are different models available for different capacity tractors form 15 hp to 70 hp. lightest model with 5 tines and heaviest comes with 19 tines.

Benefits and Features:

  • Heavy duty frame that is coated with corrosion resistant and painted for longer life.
  • It works perfectly on top layer of soil and capable of breaking hard clayey lands.
  • Works better than a plough for paddy crops where top layer is to be worked.
  • Designed to eliminate strain form stress areas on frame.
  • Reversible shovels to double the time of replacement.
Technical Specifications:
14 X 14 (3 M) 16 X 16 (3.5 M) 18 X 18 (4M)
Hydraulic System Provided Provided Provided
Distance Between Discs 228 mm 228 mm 228 mm
Bearing Hub 8 12 12
Frame 101x101x7 mm box 101x101x7 mm box 101x101x7 mm box
Tyre Size 750-16 750-16 750-16
No.of Discs 28 32 36
Type of Discs Notched Notched Notched
Mounting Cat-II Cat-II Cat-II
Disc Diameter 560/610/660 mm (Optional) 560/610/660 mm (Optional) 560/610/660 mm (Optional)
Approx. Weight 1700 Kgs. 1910 Kgs. 2020 Kgs.
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.